Add Watch

Making a new watch app to receive glucose values from Juggluco can in different ways. To display the most recent glucose values on a watch, it should be sent to the watch immediately when it becomes available. Kerfstok works this way. When using an xDrip web server, values are only send to the watch when the watch app asks for them.

Modify Kerfstok

The source of the Garmin watch app Kerfstok can be downloaded from and you are allowed to modify it to satisfy your taste.

Glucose broadcast

Juggluco (4.1.5 and up) can send every minute a broadcast with the current glucose value. Every Android app on the phone, whereupon it is running, can receive that broadcast. This can be used to send this glucose value to a smartwatch. More Information.

The watch version of Juggluco can also send a broadcast. This makes it possible to develop other watch faces for WearOS that can be used independent of the phone.

Add to Juggluco

If you like to add support for a watch to Juggluco you can do so.

You can supply the following:

The meaning of rate of change:

Abbott Librelink arrow

Rate of change

Falling Quickly



Between -2 and -1


-1 to 1


1 to 2

Rising Quickly


The meaning of the alarm indicator:

Alarm type

Value of alarm

Too high

6 (+8 if alarm should go off)

Too low

7 (+8 if alarm should go off)

Again a value after scanning impossible


Above highest measurable e.g. 500 mg/dL

4 (+8 if alarm should go off)

Below lowest measurable e.g. 40 mg/dL

5 (+8 if alarm should go off)

You should test yourself if you initialization was successful, before using the glucose values.

You can also supply a name to be used in settings to describe the watch and a short description to be added to the help menu.

Example of defined functions:

public class myclass {
static public void initmywatch(Application app);

static public void  glucosetowatch(Application app,String SerialNumber,int mgdl,float myunits,float rate,int alarm,long timemsec);
Both glucosetowatch doesn't run on the main thread.
If you need to run on the main thread, you can use:
static public void Applic.RunOnUiThread(Runnable action);
(All these functions are Java).

Send the code plus instruction what to do with it to If I think the code is o.k. I will put it in Juggluco and send you an apk of Juggluco with that code added. If you test it o.k. I it will come in the next version of Juggluco at Google Play.

xDrip/Nightscout web server

Juggluco incorporates besides this a xDrip web server. The watch app will only receive glucose value when it asks for them, so they are usually not immediately shown when available. For more information of on the webserver in Juggluco, see in Juggluco, Left menu->Settings->Web server->Help and webserver.html