Juggluco for WearOS install

Select Juggluco on watch
Open Juggluco on Watch
On Phone: Select Watch in left menu
Set WearOs and select Config
Press "Init watch app"
WRONG: Left menu-> Mirror doesn't contain an IP. Press again on "Init watch app".
RIGHT: Connection contains IP of the phone

A special version of Juggluco can run directly on a Wear Os watch. It needs an Android smartphone with NFC to scan the sensor and via a TCP connection this data is sent to the Wear OS watch. Hereafter there are two possibilities:

  1. The sensor stays connected with the smartphone and the smartphone sends every glucose value it receives via Bluetooth to the Wear OS watch via TCP;

  2. It is also possible to directly connect the sensor with the Wear OS watch. For this you need a Wear OS watch with good Bluetooth connectivity. My Samsung Galaxy Watch4 performance is strangely dependent on the sensor. Only two sensors had good Bluetooth connectivity with the watch, the other 3 or 4 bad. While all performed good with my Smartphone.

How to get the WearOS version of Juggluco on your watch is described here: adb. Some pictures are shown at https://www.juggluco.nl/JugglucoWearOS

To get it working do the following:

If the sensor has a direct Bluetooth connection with the watch and it's values are sent to a smartphone, scanned values should also be sent from the phone to the watch and the stream values should be synced before scanning the sensor with Juggluco (the settings are configured automatically this way.) Otherwise, old values could be sent back to the watch or modified authentication information is not sent to the watch, which will result in Unlock key errors.

Changes to the connection should also only be made when the data is synchronized; the data on phone and watch should be complete copies (with the exception that you can leave out all amount data).

The first time, when a lot of data has to be transferred from smartphone to watch, you can attach the watch to the charger. My watch turns on WIFI when it is attached to the charger.

Watch-Phone connection

At initialization, when all data are sent from phone to watch, you need a Wi-Fi connection between watch and phone. Later data is sent in small pieces via TCP. On my watch that is redirected through Bluetooth, but only when the phone has an external connection, for example Wi-Fi to your home network, a mobile data connection or a portable hotspot. Otherwise the connection between phone and watch stops after some time, because Wi-Fi is turned off by the system to save battery power.

Juggluco itself detects the IPs of the other side, so you don't need to set them. If you switch from Wi-Fi to mobile data, the IPs are changed automatically. Sometimes you have to switch Wi-Fi or mobile data off and on on your smartphone before it works (Juggluco determines the IP at the moment Wi-Fi or mobile data is turned on, but sometimes the IP is then not available yet.)

Automatic determination of the IP of the other side is specific for the connection with a WearOS watch; for other Mirror connections you still need to specify the IPs of the other side.

Watch face

Juggluco for Wear OS includes a watch face that shows your current glucose level besides the time and up to four complications. To make use of it you have to select this watch face on your watch or in your watch companion app. Normally you will see the last glucose value when the screen wakes up. When the display is in ambient (always on) mode, the glucose value is only updated when the minute indicator is increased or you press a button or raise your arm. So the displayed value can be up to one minute delayed.

If you can find another watch face that accepts an app shortcut complication, you could in principle also use another watch face and add an app shortcut to Juggluco. This way you can know your glucose level by pressing that shortcut.