The same way as for Libreview, you can also specify how to represent amounts via the Nightscout server in Juggluco.

Select how the Amounts in Juggluco entered under a particular label should be sent to Libreview. It is possible to send more than one type of amount with the same Libreview label. For example if you score Carbohydrate and pure Glucose food under separate labels in Juggluco, you can specify for both that they should be sent as Carbohydrate to Libreview.

For Carbohydrate, it is possible to multiply the amount given in Juggluco with a certain number so that you can transform other units into grams. If you count in Juggluco servings of 10 gram, you can enter here 10, so that grams will be sent to Libreview.

Comments means that the amount is sent to Libreview as if you added comments in Librelink. If you specify comments here, the Label plus the number entered for that label is sent. For example: "Bike 50", if you had a label "Bike" and you entered "50" under that label. "Bike 50" will be shown under the graph of the "Daily log" in Libreview at the specified time.