Speak glucose

Speaks glucose values when they arrive.

Seconds between: Specifies how many seconds Juggluco should wait before saying the next glucose value. Glucose values are always spoken immediately when they arrive. When a large value is specified, Juggluco will skip glucose values that arrive before this time period has elapsed.

Voice: Selects a speaker out of a list of possible speakers.

Speed: a higher number means faster talking.

Pitch: a higher number means a higher pitch.

Test: speaks out the last glucose value.

On some phones the Android settings for text-to-speech have to be changed for it to work. Sometimes the data of a language has to be installed or the configuration changed. On Samsung phones "Google text-to-speech" has to be set instead of "Samsung text-to-speech engine" in order to choose from different voices. These options can be found by searching for text-to-speech in Android settings or going to Language and input (->Advanced)->Text-to-Speech. Here you can select "Speech Services by Google" and install voice data. In other phones it is under System settings->Accessibility->Vision->Text-to-Speech settings.

Talk touch

When talk touch is switched on, touching at certain places creates talk:

Speak messages

Reads text messages, that are temporarily visible on the screen, and the result of scanning (error messages and the glucose value).

Speak Alarms

Speaks out the glucose level during Low and High glucose alarms. It is read both at the start of the alarm as at the moment the alarm is stopped.