Freestyle Libre 3

Since Juggluco 3.0.0 Freestyle Libre 3 sensors can be used directly with Juggluco. Juggluco 4.7.5 can start Libre 3 sensors: In settings->Libreview->Get Account ID, you can enter an arbitrary account ID number. Thereafter scan the sensor.

Juggluco can take over a sensor started with Abbott's Libre3 app, but only when you can get the Libreview account id used to start the sensor. 

Libre 3 app had Libreview Account

- The Libre3 app that starts the sensor should have a Libreview account connected to it;

Get Account ID
Get Account ID needed to take over a sensor

- Juggluco should retrieve the Libreview account ID: in Juggluco goto left menu->settings->Libreview. Give E-Mail address and password and press "Get Account ID", "From Libreview". Leave this view and come back, now there should be a number other then 0 displayed before "Get Account ID". (This account ID is sent by Juggluco to the sensor, otherwise it results in an error. Don't ask me why it is needed, maybe to prevent someone from hijacking a sensor by holding Juggluco to the back of someone else arm; something which is possible with Freestyle Libre 2 sensors. Or to prevent that the same data is present on multiple accounts, some which in reality it does not prevent, thanks to Juggluco.)

Adding later a Libreview account to the Libre3 app after the sensor is activated will not work.

Follow this link if the Libre 3 app had no Libreview account

Scan the sensor with Juggluco.

Juggluco NFC scan succesfull
Juggluco NFC scan succesfull

The same restriction as apply to Juggluco, also apply when using the same sensor on another phone or after a reinstall of the Libre3 app. If you want to use the sensor again with the Libre3 app, you should do the same as when starting a new sensor.

Every time you switch between Juggluco and the Libre3 app you should scan the sensor. In Juggluco, you used hold the NFC in the phone to the sensor while Juggluco is in the foreground, in the Libre3 app you press on "Start New Sensor", "Yes" ,"Next" and hold the NFC in the phone against the sensor. Always force close the app you are not using. It is not possible to connect the sensor with multiple apps at the same time; it will only cause interference. Also during scanning, a PIN is transferred from sensor to the app; that PIN is needed for data to be exchanged and previous PINs are no longer valid.

But when you use the same Libreview account e-mail address, you can change from one app to the next. All 5 minute period values since the start of the sensors and all 1 minute data of the last 2 hours are remembered on the sensor and transferred to the app.

Mostly the phone has a connection with the sensor in three minutes, but it can take longer. Sometimes switching Bluetooth OFF and ON helps. In rare cases the phone has to be rebooted before it functions again. When you switch between devices, momentary turning off Bluetooth in the device you are no longer using, can help to disrupt the previous connection.

Juggluco for WearOS can also directly connect with FreeStyle Libre 3 sensors.


I don't have access to US Libre 3 sensors, but someone else claims to have used successfully a US Libre3 sensor with Juggluco:

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