NEW in version 5.1.14:

Previous changes, Previous versions (under Android not all is shown in Google Drive App or Chrome, except when "Desktop site [x]" is set)

If adb refuses to install the APK, because the app is already installed, you can use the -r option. If it refuses because it is a downgrade, you also need to add the -d option.

Phone 5.1.14 (Android 8 or higher. Can also be used with Libre3):

Arm64 only (the usual case): Google Drive

Arm/Arm64/x86/x86_64 (for the emulator or atypical devices): Google Drive

WARNING: Juggluco can't take over sensors started with the Arm32 version of Abbott's Libre 3 app, but it can start them itself and take them over from Arm64 and the other way around (the Arm32 version of Abbott's Libre 3 app can't do that and can't be used with the same sensor after a reinstall). Juggluco will also not work with Libre 3 sensors on devices with very old Linux Kernels a like phone that originally ran maximally Android 6.0.1, on which is put an Android 12 Lineage OS custom ROM.

Phone 5.1.14 (Android 4.4 or higher. Can NOT be used with Libre3):

Arm32 only: Google Drive

Arm/Arm64/x86/x86_64: Google Drive

WearOS 5.1.14:

Arm32 only (the usual case): Google Drive

Arm/Arm64/x86/x86_64 (for the emulator or atypical devices): Google Drive

Install Juggluco on WearOS

BUG Report

If you have a serious bug. For example Juggluco doesn't work with a certain type of sensor or crashes, it would be helpful to generate more information about the problem.

For this you can install a logging version of Juggluco:

Mobile phone

WearOS watch

And then get the log file out of the device with:

adb shell run-as tk.glucodata cat /data/data/tk.glucodata.debug/files/logs/trace.log > trace.log

and E-Mail trace.log to me.

You can remove the log file with:

adb shell run-as tk.glucodata rm /data/data/tk.glucodata.debug/files/logs/trace.log

Thereafter you can install an old version of Juggluco without these problems.


To use Floating Glucose under Android Automotive and WearOS you need to give Juggluco permission to display over other apps with the following command:

adb shell pm grant tk.glucodata android.permission.SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW

It is also possible to give Juggluco all permissions it uses during install with:

adb install -g -r Juggluco5.1.14-wear-arm32.apk

Were Juggluco5.1.14-wear-arm32.apk is the current WearOS APK you downloaded from:


-g means that you grant all permissions.

Floating glucose in mg/dL over Samsung health Walking
In mmol/L over Google Maps
In mmol/L over watch face without complication

Old versions of Juggluco for Android can be found at APKPURE. You can only install an update of an Android app when signed with the same key as the installed version. All versions I have distributed (via Google Play and this page) are signed with the same key.

DEBUG Version

If you ever want to update to Juggluco with a lower version number do the following:
First upgrade to the (nonworking) debug version with:

adb install -r debugAPK

then you can downgrade to whatever version of Juggluco you want with:

adb install -d -r releaseAPK

Second exemplar

An examplar of Juggluco with a different Application ID can be used to run two exemplars of Juggluco on the same phone to be able to represent data of two persons.

Update Reminder

Now Juggluco is banned from Google Play, you risk missing important updates. Send an e-mail to be reminded of future updates jaapkorthalsaltes@gmail.com


Juggluco can be used with Freestyle Libre 1, US 14 Days FreeStyle Libre 1, FreeStyle Libre 2, US/CA/AU FreeStyle Libre 2 and FreeStyle Libre 3 sensors. Maybe it also can be made to work with US FreeStyle Libre 3 sensors. I can impossibly wear all these sensors at the same time and small changes can make that some of these sensors don't work anymore with Juggluco. So there is a large need for people who test Juggluco. If you want to test an APK send an E-Mail to jaapkorthalsaltes@gmail.com