Patched Libre3 app

Libre 3 menu with added interface to Juggluco
Libre3: Mirror overview
Libre3: Mirror connection with Juggluco

The last version of Juggluco (3.0.0 and up) can directly connect with FreeStyle libre 3 sensor. So this patched is no longer needed to receive glucose values from FreeStyle Libre 3 sensors in Juggluco. The only reason to still use the patched Libre 3 app, is setup a connection between Libreview and a particular user of LibrelinkUp. The glucose values send by Juggluco to Libreview will thereafter be send to LibrelinkUp used with that particular account.

The patch Libre 3 app works with European Freestyle Libre 3 sensors, but it is reported not to work with US Freestyle Libre 3 sensors. Direct use of Juggluco is reported to work with US Freestyle Libre 3 sensors.

In the patched FreeStyle Libre 3 app an item is added to the menu, that brings you to a modified version of Juggluco's Mirror dialog (left middle menu-> Mirror). Here you specify how to send glucose values to Juggluco (to make it easier a connection is already shown. If you don't use it, you should remove it). In Juggluco you specify complementary information. Press in Juggluco the help button in left middle menu-> Mirror and Left middle menu->Mirror->Add Connection for more information.

Juggluco: Mirror overview
Juggluco: Mirror connection with Libre3

WARNING: Using a previous patch will probably crash newer versions of Juggluco when starting a new sensor.

Download Libre3 patch42 (arm64 only): Fastupload, or maybe some day APKFAB

Juggluco can be downloaded from: Download

If you are already using Juggluco for FreeStyle Libre 2 sensors and want to keep you data, you have to send all data to the patched Freestyle libre 3 app and then reverse the direction, because Juggluco's Mirror function always creates complete copies of the data and no integration of data takes place. Because Libre3 doesn't sent amount data, that can be left out.

It is possible that sometimes after configuring everything, you have to force close Libre3 and restart it. If you reinstall Juggluco, you have to create a new connection in the Libre 3 app or press "Resend Data".

You can use a sensor that was already used with the original Libre3 app if you specify the same LibreView account name. You have to press '"Start New Sensor" and  scan the sensor. If you want to go back to the unpatched Libre 3 app, you have to do the same.

The patched libre3 app, like the unpatched libre3 app, can't take over a sensor started with Freestyle Libre 3 reader or activated with the Libre3 app without a LibreView account.

Because it supports both mmol/L and mg/dL out of the box, the German Libre 3 app ( was patched; this means that current users of this app have to uninstall the original before they can use the patched one. Users in other countries can install the patched German Libre 3 app beside their current one. If that app is currently connected with the sensor, you should use Force Close to stop it, so that it loses contact with the sensor.

The patched Libre3 app can only be used on Arm64. The Google Play Freestyle Libre 3.3.0 APKs available on the net are all arm64-v8a only. (I found an apk containing all the x86, x86_64, armeabi-v7a and arm64-v8a shared libraries, but it couldn't be from Google Play and an armeabi-v7a function gave the wrong results.)

Juggluco knows only English, Dutch and Italian. Previously the patched Libre3 app knew only English, but I have now added some files with the following language codes: ar, de, es, fr, hi, in, it, ja, ko, my, nl, pt, ru, th, tr and vi.

The last version adds the possibility to turn off a wake lock and sends the real device name to Libreview.