Get Account ID

How to get the Libreview Account ID needed to for scanning a Freestyle Libre 3 sensor via NFC? If you specify "Manually", you can enter the Account ID manually. You can also unset “manually” and press on "From Libreview" to use you account e-mail address and password to receive it from Libreview.

It is also possible to receive the Libreview Account id from Libreview and thereafter set "manually" and change the Libreview account e-mail address and password. When you thereafter set "Send to Libreview" and press "Resend data", data will be sent to that different Libreview account, but the previous account ID is will still be used to scan the sensor via NFC. This way, Juggluco sends data to a different Libreview account than Abbotts Libre 3 app uses.