Patched US Libre 2.7.2

This app is no longer needed. New US Libre 2 sensors can be used directly with Juggluco 5.1.3.


New US Libre 2 sensors (with dates 2023-11-03 or later) previously didn't work with Juggluco. Scanning gave a Scan Error (18) message. As a temporary solution I had patched Abbott's US Libre 2.7.2 app so that it sends glucose values to Juggluco. Not only the scan and history values, but also the glucose value stream received via Bluetooth. Normally Abbott's Libre 2 app uses this only to generate low and high glucose alarms.

Juggluco menu added to the US libre 2 app

The patched US Libre 2.7.2 app doesn't need to start the sensor; it can work with your current sensor. It can also be installed beside the unpatched US libre 2 app. You only need to force stop the unpatched US libre 2 app, because otherwise it is possible that you will not get a connection because the unpatched US Libre 2 app tried to to that, but doesn't succeed because it uses the wrong "PIN".

The patched US Libre 2.7.2 app sends glucose values via TCP/IP to Juggluco. For this use is made of Juggluco's Mirror (Clone in a lot of translations) function. How it works can also be found in the help in Juggluco under Left middle menu->Mirror and Left middle menu->Mirror->Add connection.

Both Juggluco and the patched US Libre 2.7.2 app app listen on a port to which the other side of the connection can connect. In the start mirror screen the port is mentioned where that app is listening on. In "Add connection" you have to specify the port to connect to, thus the port of the other side.

The app can listen on any port in the range 1024-65535 with the restriction that no one else on the same device should listen on that port.

In the example pictures:

Patched US Libre 2 app port: 7777

Juggluco port: 8888

Both are on the same host, thus they can use the IP:

The patched US Libre 2 app sends Scans and Stream to Juggluco.

Juggluco receives.

Connection Overview in US Libre 2
Add Connection in US Libre 2
Connection overview in Juggluco
Add Connection in Juggluco

You may need to press "Reinit" and/or "Sync" before it starts working.

WARNING: Making Juggluco a mirror will override existing data in Juggluco.

If you want to keep your data, you have to send these data first to the patched US Libre 2.7.2 app before using a sensor with the patched US Libre 2.7.2 app. To send data to the patched US Libre 2.7.2 you have to reverse the roles of both apps: now you have to check "Receive from" in the Patched 2.7.2 app and Scans and Stream in Juggluco. You can see whether data have arrived by looking at the date and time displayed in the connection.

Both were in sync at 10:55:15