Export data from Juggluco to a file.

Meals are saved in html. All other data is saved in .tsv (Tab-separated values). This can be loaded in programs like LibreOffice Calc, Microsoft Excel, Mathematica or R. It is a kind of .csv with tabs instead of commas used to separate items. UTF-8 encoding is used.

The meaning of the columns can be found at https://www.juggluco.nl/Juggluco/webserver.html.

Days: Starting with Juggluco 7.1.0, you can select the number of days to save. The end date is the right border of the screen. Thus if you view past data in Juggluco, only old data is exported (the same as in left middle menu->Statistics).

Starting with Juggluco 7.1.0, it is also possible to receive these data via the web server in Juggluco (Left menu->Settings->Web server), see https://www.juggluco.nl/Juggluco/webserver.html